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Yet another Hungarian classic. The recipe seems to be longish, but actually it is a very easy and delicious dish. I took the basic recipe from a cookbook of Napfényes restaurant  (Title: Napfényes receptek 3. If you understand Hungarian, I highly recommend it! This little cheap booklet is full of great tips for beginner vegans about how to substitute non-vegan foods, and the recipes are just amazing!)


1000 g sauerkraut (soured cabbage; I used raw which I bought in Urban Bio,Geneva)

2 onions, finally chopped

chopped vegetables that you like to make about 300 ml veggie paprika stew (I’ve used 1 tomato and 3 zucchinis)

250 g boiled brown rice (in the pressure cooker it takes only 18 minutes to boil)

250 g seitan, ground

marjoram, thyme, paprika, ground bay leaves, salt, pepper

2-3 cloves of garlic. crushed

oil (traditionally, Hungarian cuisine calls for sunflower oil. I use olive oil.)

sea salt

vegan sour crème/crème fraiche (I’ve used Soyananda, that you can buy in most health stores inGeneva. It is incredibly good!

Veggie paprika stew

Saute the onions in a pan with about 2 tbsp oil. When they are kind of transparent (but not burned), take the pan off the stove, and sprinkle about 1 tbsp paprika on top. Mix. Add the veggies and put them back to medium-law heat. Add a little water to make some sauce. Cook until the veggies are tender. Puree in a blender.

The layering part

Mix the boiled rice, garlic, herbs and seitan. Put the soured cabbage in a sieve to get rid of the excess liquid. (The best is to drink it: it is full of vitamin C and it is so yummy!). Divide it into two parts. The first part goes into an oiled ovenproof dish. Sprinkle paprika and ground bayleaf on top. Next, put the rice-seitan mixture. Then the second layer of cabbage. Finally pour over the veggie paprika stew liquid, and bake it in a preheated oven on medium heat. (I cooked it on 150 degrees Celsius. About 40 minutes, but if you make half the portion, only 20 minutes).

Serve it with Soyananda crème fraiche.


Ask your grandparents, and most probably they will tell you that when they were young, they did not have meat every day. Maybe once a week, on Sunday. It was not different in Hungary either, and this hearty cole (savoy cabbage) soup must have been one of the meat free dishes they had. I love it in itself, or with a tofu sausage.

You will need:

1 savoy cabbage (cole) (600-800 grams) washed, cut into small chunks

300 grams potatoes, peeled, cut into chunks

1 small onion grated or finely chopped

ground cumin, paprika, marjoram, salt, pepper

2 tablespoons of whole wheat flour

4 tablespoons of olive oil

cold water

Pour hot water over the cabbage to shrink the leaves. Then place it in a pot with the potatoes and water and boil  until soft. (About 25 minutes). In the meanwhile pour oil in a pan over medium heat, saute onion, and slowly add flour, stirring continuously with a wooden spoon. Then slowly add cold water, and keep on stirring.You should get a smooth texture without lumps. This is what we will use to thicken the soup. When the cabbage and the potatoes are soft, add this floury mixture and stir well to avoid any lumps. Add salt and herbs to taste. Give it another 10 minutes on the heat. Serve it as a soup or as a main course. 

I imagine that this old time Hungarian favorite will be a shock to my Italian readers. All I can say is: try, and judge for yourself. I think it is fantastic, and it is super fast. All you do is you boil the pasta, (I used wholewheat farfalle), saute some shredded cabbage (a small one will do for 4 people) in oil. You may add some sugar for a caramelized flavor. I used a little bit of maple syrup. Serve with freshly ground pepper on top.