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Pasta with fave beans

I was fortunate enough to spend some time in Rome. While there, many natives told me about their passion for these large green beans. Somehow I never tried them then, but recently our local cooperative has surprised us with large quantities of fave beans, and I finally had the opportunity to try them and I have become a huge fun as well.

You will need:

500 g fave beans (can be less)

pasta for 4 persons (I used penne)

vegetable stock

vegan cheese, grated

ground pepper

extra virgin olive oil

This is how I make them:

I take the beans out of the pod and then take off the outer shell of the beans. It does take some time, but I find it relaxing. You can watch TV in the meantime if it bores you. Cook the beans in the vegetable stock for 20 minutes. Boil the pasta in the meantime, and when it is ready, mix in the beans, add a tiny bit of extra virgin olive oil, pepper and salt to taste. I like to grate vegan cheese on top. (Cheddar style Cheezely).

Buon appetito!


I imagine that this old time Hungarian favorite will be a shock to my Italian readers. All I can say is: try, and judge for yourself. I think it is fantastic, and it is super fast. All you do is you boil the pasta, (I used wholewheat farfalle), saute some shredded cabbage (a small one will do for 4 people) in oil. You may add some sugar for a caramelized flavor. I used a little bit of maple syrup. Serve with freshly ground pepper on top.

Yeah, yeah, I can see non-Hungarians face turning to disgust. Especially my Italian friends must be outraged to spoil spaghetti with a sweet salsa. But in Hungary sugar and ground poppy seeds or sugar and ground walnuts are staple main dishes on school menus. All I did was that I substituted the egg rich tagliatelle with wholewheat spaghetti, and the sugar with maple syrup to make a yummy, vegan and healthy comfort food. Use as much of the ingredients as you please. You may want to have it for dessert. That’s ok 🙂 Enjoy!

Ingredients for 4 people:

500 g cabbage (shredded)

250 g pasta

salt, pepper

Another supereasy Hungarian recipe. All you do is sautée half a kg shredded cabbage on some oil, and when it is soft (it takes about 20 minutes) mix it with boiled, drained pasta. I happened to have farfalle at home-thus the name :-). If you eat sugar, you can add some while the cabbage is being cooked-it gives it a nice caramelled flavour.

Salt and pepper to taste.

When I made the fresh pasta for cannelloni, I had a lot of pasta left over. I used them to make little parcells filled with the mixture of tofu, ground walnuts, salt and pepper. I cooked them in boiling salted water and when they were ready, I poured some olive oil over them and hinted them with some shredded vegan cheese.

I learned at the Southern tip of the heel of Italy how to make a simple but very yummy basic sauce. I use this recipe whenever I need a base sauce for pasta, pizza, cannelloni or melanzane alla parmigiana.

I pour about 1 dl oil in a pan, sauté a tiny bit of grated onion in it, then pour 750-1000 ml tomato sauce over it and let it simmer for about 45 minutes.

Simple pasta sauces

Here are some ideas to jazz up the tomato sauce to make some great pasta sauces. You can add

Fresh basil, thyme, origano

Fried Mushrooms

Cooked and drained chick peas

Spinach and tofu cannelloni

This is the vegan version of spinach and ricotta cannelonis.  I first made some fresh pasta with

1 2/3 cup of wholemeal flour

2/3 cup of water and some salt and oil.

Kneaded the dough for about 10 minutes, then I left it to stand for about  minutes. I cut the dough into 8 equal parts, rolled each out on a floured surface.

I filled them with the mixture of smashed spinach and tofu. I also added salt, pepper and ground nutmeg to the filling. I made little rolls, placed them in a glass dish, poured some tomato sauce over them and topped with some grated vegan cheese. Baked for 25 minutes in a hot oven. The nutmeg gave it an exotic flavor.