As most vegans, I am constantly being asked: “Vegan? But then what do you eat? You can`t eat anything, right?” Well, my local restaurants do have limited choices for vegans. However, at home I am having a blast with super delicious guilt free new flavours that I discover every day. I would like to share these wonderful dishes that I cook with anyone who is interested. And why cucc? It means stuff in Hungarian.
As for the recipes, I normally don`t use white flour or sugar or other sweeteners, unless I am catering for guests or someone who particularly wants these “substances”. Are you smiling at me now? Then maybe you haven`t heard of sugar addiction which affects most people living in Western cultures. Sugar consumption has been linked to cancer and diabetes, just to mention the worst. You will be surprised if you check the sugar content of everyday foods that you eat.
I am Hungarian and I adore the Italian cuisine and I also prepare dishes based on Hungarian and very international traditions as well.
Why am I a vegan? I “expelled” animal ingredients from my diet gradually along with the process of learning more and more about the cruelty that factory farming involves. After having watched the films Earthlings and Meet your Meat I just was not able to view animal products as “food” anymore but only as carcasses and products that remind me lifelong cruelty suffered by cute and intelligent creatures. If you think that “animals are bred so that we can eat them” (which, for the record, sounds absurd to me), then go vegan to protect your own health: the dioxin and other toxins from animal feed and their crumpled, dirty environments; the antibiotics and medicines that are administered to them so that they make it through until slaughter time, as well as the stress hormones of the animals who live a horrendous life before being killed will end up in your body if you eat them causing cancer, high blood pressure, and numerous other diseases. An apple may have pesticides over it, but you can wash most of that off with water. Try doing that with a piece of stake… As a vegan you will feel healthier, guilt free, and you may even lose weight.
I enjoy taking pictures; my camera is a Canon (Rebel) 450D.